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There are many interesting places to visit in Penang, Malaysia, however none is going to fascinate you more than the Balathandayuthapani Temple. The Penang waterfall Temple, happens to be one of the oldest Hindu temples, that are located across the city of Penang. To be precise and exact as far as the location is concerned, it is located within the Penang Botanical gardens
History of Penang Waterfall Temple

Wondering how the temple came into existence? Well, according to the belief of the local people, a man named sadhu, chose a mark close to the waterfalls for a shrine, which was originally dedicated to Murugan. The place was commonly known as thanner malai, which means water fill and the deity was called Thannermalain, meaning the ‘one who lives by the waterfall.

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This temple dates back to the year 1850, when the Britishers overtook the site’s authority and handed only the 11 acre plot of the hillside temple land to the Hindus. Since then, the waterfall temple has also become the centre of attention of the yearly Thaipusam celebrations.

At its foot, you are going to find another shrine which represents another deity ‘Ganesha.’ The Shrine or the Ganeshar Temple has been developed into its own temple, and has got its own followers.

The temples has definitely gone a lot of renovations over the period of several years. Some of the renovations were made for keeping it within the Hindu agamid tenets requirements. However, as the number of worshippers and the followers increased, the temple was unable to accommodate the increasing numbers. This happened especially during the Thaipusam celebrations.

Therefore, different studies were conducted for studying the practicality of the old hill top temple to expand it further. As the water springs were sited over the several springs, the location was termed as unstable. For this very reason, the Hindu Endowments Board decided to relocate the waterfall temple to a safe new location.

The new waterfall temple has the capacity to accommodate about 700,000 visitors, which just happens to be the number of people that visit it during the Thaipsusam festival. Being a major Hindi temple, it will have a maha mandapam, the outer hall, where the public rituals can be performed.

The visitors would have to go through a longer climb, but the effort is worthwhile considering the view that they would experience during their climb. The temple is estimated to have 512 steps, which are longer than the steps of the Batu caves.

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The route is quite windy and you would have to stop several times on your way, thus giving you enough time for enjoying the scenic view. You can also explore the old waterfall him Murugan Temple, which also happened to be the site for the Thaipusam celebrations previously. You would also experience Arulmamani Arumugam Pillai Mandapam, that was built in the year 1956. It also acts as the area for the pilgrims and the visitors. From this site, you can experience a good view of the site before moving on. After climbing further, you can experience the bird eye view of the beautiful George Town.

Fun 55
Historical 62
Natural 60
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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