Penang Island Tour,Unfogetable Penang Tour MalaysiaThe war museum at Penang, which is placed on a land sized 20 acres, is a fortress of old times representing the war between Japanese and the British.  Located on a hill in the locality of Batu Maung, this museum was the project of the British in the 1930’s. The place is constructed with underground tunnels with the support of stairs and halls. The war museum served as a stronghold for the British till the Japanese took over through invasion in the Second World War in 1941. The fort was then used by the hosts as an interrogation center for prisoners, where they were tortured for information. Beheading prisoners became a common practice which is why the fortress gained immense popularity amongst the locals as the “Ghost Hill.” Its rich history and built of the fortress makes it extremely accepted to locals and tourists as a strong symbol of Malaysia’s history.

The fortress was host to freshWar Museum,Penag Tour Malaysiaening tubes, canon firing bays, underground tunnels for military, logistics centre, cook houses and a medical store. After 3 decades of being abandoned by the Japanese, the fortress were worked upon and renovated through clean out, removing shrubs and unwanted plants and growths. This fort was ultimately turned into a war museum. The entire project was undertaken by a local; Johari Shafie. In present day, a walk through the fort will ignite strong imagination of ancient times when the place was being used.  It is easy to visualize how the British soldiers must have guarded themselves through the use of cannons from enemies taking the route of the sea.

The walk through history displays the life in the detention center and gender slavery during the time of the rule if the Japanese on the war museum. The effects subsequent to the bombing of the infrastructure take the  tourists back in time. The yellow bus that is numbered 69 takes the visitor from Port Weld to Bau Maung; where the war museum is located. The committee which is responsible of the war museum is hosting Halloween Celebrations in the war museum on the 31st of October. This committee follows modern practices of business ethics by allowing feedback and fresh ideas from its target market to add to the fun of the website.

Walking through the ancient fortress, takes one back to the times of World War II. Students, locals, and tourists interested in learning about Malaysia’s history, cultural heritage or architecture of old times must have this walk war museum through. The feedbacWar Museum,Penang Tour Malaysiak from people who have already visited the place is positive and many found the place interesting. The war museum enjoys positive publicity and negative word of mouth right at the same time; confusing tourists on whether the place should be visited or not. The museum has been rated by the National Geographic in the top ten most haunted places to visit, but on the other hand, visitors to this place often pass on good word of mouth, sharing their experience in positive words. 

Fun 70
Historical 95
Natural 80
Per person Rm129 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm599
Tour guide hire Rm240
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