Spice Garden Background

Tropical Spice Gardens are another amazing site of Penang, that you must explore during your trip. It is a place that would enthrall your spice buds, as it happens to be the South East Asia’s only award winning spice garden. The spice garden also happens to be Penang’s well designed as well as equipped cooking school. For this very reason, this landmark is ranked as the top second destination to be visited in the penang islands. By visiting this beautiful tropical spice garden, you can learn about all the spices and several other benefits which they provide. In fact, you can even enjoy taking full advantage of the fresh spice availability, thus cooking them right away after plucking them out from the garden. The classes are held in a very fresh and relaxed way, which gives the visitors a great learning experience.

There are different cooking courses such as the Malay, Chinese (Nyonya) or the Indian that you can choose to learn from. However, more than the learning, the garden provides a fascinating image of calmness which is unmatched for. There are cheeky monkeys which would keep your children entertained, in case you are travelling there with your family.

Spice Garden Board

The tropical garden charges a high entrance fee, it is no doubt that every penny you are going to spend is going to be worth it. The garden is in excellent shape and provides a breathtaking view for the nature lovers. By paying for the entrance fee, you are going to get a guided tour alongside you, who would provide you all the information about the garden during your tour. You would also get to know about a lot of facts about the spices. You can also enjoy shopping from the gift shops along with the amazing Tree Monkey restaurants for refilling your tummies, so that you don’t have to leave the place wither being empty handed or being hungry at the same time. the restaurant has got the mouthwatering cuisines and opened on a daily basis till midnight and the good thing about it is that you can make use of the free wifi facility.

Spice Garden Door

Located on the hillside near Batu Ferringhi, there are also different tropical vegetation along with the medical plants that you will experience besides the spices. You can also enjoy the public beaches that are located just across the Tropical Spice Garden.

Even though the garden is located on the hill, you would not have to very athletic to climb it. The stairs can be climbed pretty smoothly, however if you have got a low stamina problem, you can face some inconvenience while reaching its top. If you have got elderly visitors, you must drive your car to the stone ways for dropping them off, so that they don’t have to face any parking or access road difficulty.

There is no doubt that the Tropical Spice Garden Penang happens to be a must visit place for those that are found of natural beauty. Combined with the blend of spices and exotic cuisines, you are going to enjoy every second of your time spent there.

Fun 62
Historical 83
Natural 90
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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