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The Penang Tropical Fruit Farm are located at about 800ft above sea level, on the Teluk Bahang’s hilly terrian. The environment of the Penang Tropical Fruit Farm is excellent for the cultivation of a wide variety of the sub-tropical and the tropical fruit trees.
The tropical fruit farms are spread over an area of about twenty five acres and have got about different species of the fruit trees, 250 to be precise from all over the world especially including India, Central Africa, Middle East, the pacific islands, the Central and South America and the Caribbean. You can explore and experience plethora of fruit trees which the orchard boasts, which the visitors can always enjoy during the breathtaking vista.

Quah Eve Kheng gave the idea of the fruit farms, and is now working as its managing director. About RM 8 million were invested at the beginning. In 1993, the farm was ready and was opened for the public.

Over the period of several years, the tropical farm grew its popularity. Today, the tropical fruit farm gets a visit of about 350 tourists during each day. No matter which part of the world the tourists belong to, they are attracted to the orchard in great numbers. After you reach the farm, you can start your tour by choosing from the various interesting options that are available to you. From the guided tour to the fruit tasting, you can always make your selection according to your needs.

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Enjoying the Guided Tour

There are guided tours who can invite the visitors for exploring the orchard. There are different fruit trees such as grapes, fruit, peas, peaches, persimmons, chestnuts, cherries, avocado along with the macadamia, which are not found in the tropics. You can also enjoy the rare species such as the Brazalian grapes. These are the tress that took about 7 to 8 years for bearing the fruit, when their seedlings were brought from Australia.

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Enjoying the Fruit Tasting

For those of you who go for the package of the fruit tasting, are going to get a sample array of rich fruits such as the guava, pomelo, rambutan, soursop, coconut, nutmeg, jackfruit, durian and mangosteen.

During the process of sampling, you would be informed about the fruits that are displayed there by the orchard assistant. There is a special fruit known as the dragon fruit which has become the centre of attention for a lot of tourists. For enjoying the tropical farm in its true colors, you can always grasp a cool coconut drink for quenching your thirst.

There are also tour and buffet packages that can take place in the orchard, for a minimum of 20 to a maximum of two hundred people.  You can enjoy anything from the beef, chicken to lamb along with the exotic fruits that the tropical farm specializes in.

Towards the Future

The future plans include the building of a herb and the spice shop around the Penang tropical fruit farm. With the help of the Penang tour service, you can have a trip arranged to the tropical fruit farms for enjoying your time in the best possible way.

Fun 60
Historical 40
Natural 80
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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