Penang culturalThe world is filled with different celebrations. Every country have their own styles on how to celebrate their festivities and different ways in making people enlightened to visit their respective places. Once you hear the word celebrations, you will always think of fun, there will be exciting staffs to do and to be seen. It makes stressful life into an enjoyable and more relaxing life because you can spend it with your family and friends. 

And one of the events that you must look up to is the Georgetown World Heritage Site City Day celebration 2014.

The Georgetown World Heritage Site City Day Celebration 2014 is to celebrate the sixth year anniversary of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The festivity will be packed with events that are for everyone that will surely make your days memorable and fun.

chinese culturalThe said commemoration will be a celebration of the George Towns’ living heritage.  It will be showcasing the different events for multicultural practices, foods and crafts, traditional arts and culture. There will be art events and festivities that will surely highlight the history of the George Town and will promote cultural local pride. The participants for the said events will be the localities of the community. They will be the performers, folklorists, revelers and bearers of tradition.

It will be packed with performances that will surely catch your attention, there will also be interactive games that kids will enjoy with full participation of the all the ethnic communities of the George Town. This will be a month long celebration of music, art, dance opera, theater and film. This festival transforms the place of Penang into an exciting place for arts and heritage.

lion competitionThe celebration will take place on the historic streets of George Town and is a participatory and inclusive event that will allow the audience to interact with the people and traditions of George Town. Since the visitors are given the chance to mingle and to have access with it, then it is made more fun for them.

The celebration of the town also provides the localities of the community to express and show their hidden talents to the visitors. It will be the best way in showcasing what the heritage has. It is not just a celebration for cultural heritage but also serves as the best way to showcase and to give spotlight to the endangered traditions; rare art forms that will definitely make every visitor appreciate the town even better and will improve to them the giving of value to the treasures of the town.

Once you go to this celebration, problems will definitely find their way out of your body, and you will become more stress free. This will definitely make your day as enlightening as ever. You will just not have fun but then it will also improve some of your values like how you see and appreciate the place that surrounds you and it will surely improve how you mingle and interact with people.

This celebration will be on June 7 to July 7 2014, a month- long event for your family and friends.