Toys are loved by children and what if we tell you that you can take your children to a place that is filled with nothing but thousands of toys from all over the world. There is a museum in Penang known as the toy museum, that happens to be the largest toy museum in the world. It is safe to say that the museum happens to be a home for over one hundred thousand toys ranging from dolls, cars, trains and several other collectibles. For its huge toy collection, it has been mentioned in the Malaysian Book of records, as it happens to be the country’s first ever toy museum, having a large figurine and toy collection.

When you walk into the entrance door, you would surely be taken back to your childhood memories for experiencing some collection from the Bears to little ponies, Doraemon and several other collectibles. It is therefore a must visit and worthwhile attraction to be visited for the kids and the adults at the same time.

toy museum show room

How it was started?

According to the owner of the Museum Loh, Leah Cheng, his passion of toys was the starting point of the museum’s foundation. After he visited the London Toy and model museum at 19 years of age, he was impressed and inspired from the toy collection. The first ever toy that he bought was Popeye and since that day, his collection just continued to grow on and on. Today, all the types and models of toys are found here.

It was originally located in Jalan Tanjung Bungah, before being shifted to another location in Teluk Bahang, beside a school.

Penang Toy Museum’s Design

The museum’s design is inspired from the Egyptian style watercolor prints and the Giza pyramids. The walls of the museum are decorated with the Egyptian monuments and the great sphinx. It is divided into different sections and some of the name of its different sections are as follow:

  1. The horror chamber
  2. The chamber of monsters
  3. The fantasy chamber
  4. The comic book heroes chamber
  5. Dinosaur cave
  6. The virtual reality hall
  7. The Rock Legends Hall
  8. The celebrity hall
  9. The cartoon hall
  10. Star wars collection

All the areas are equipped with chilling voiceovers as well as the weird sounds that are played upon entering he monster and the horror chamber to give a horror and supernatural effects.

toy museum walk way

Most Expensive Toy at the Penang Toy Museum

The most expensive toy happens to be the Gundam robot which was bought from Japan and it costs about RM 9000. It is a Cheng toy limited edition .

Going Towards the Future

The toy collection is going to grow, according to the museum’s owner. So if you are visiting Penang, with your family, you must visit the Toy Museum Penang, with the help of our touring Services, as we can arrange your journey to the museum to provide you with the best travelling experience.

Fun 80
Historical 25
20 80
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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