The St George’s Church Penang happens to be the oldest Anglican church that is located in Malaysia. It happened to be the main worshipping place for the colonial administrators of the British government. The church is located along the Farquhar street and happens to be one of the most lovely British colonial heritage buildings that is located within the core of the George Town.

As far as the history of the church is concerned, Reverend Hutchings can be accredited for the formation of the church as he was involved when the talks of its constructions were going on. However, he was one of the many project consultants not the main mover. The desire for erecting a protestant church was around for many years, and for this reason different construction plans were submitted. Only after the extension of the East India Company’s charter was approved, the plans that had been submitted were acted upon.

st george church penang

The church was approved to be built in the year 1815, however the construction didn’t start immediately. Even though some of the plans were submitted by Major Thomas Anburey, the plan provided by the Governor William Petrie in the year 1816 was selected for its construction. Some modifications were also made by an engineer Lieutenant Robert smith in the selected plan.

Hutchings was present at the time, when the plans were being discussed upon, his input was not very significant. The only thing that he suggested was the location that happened to be the James Scott’s property, that was located on Light Street, the grounds of which are known as Dewan Sri Pinang to us, today. Hutchings wasn’t present at the time of church’s construction and returned only after it was complete to be opened.

The church is named after a patron saint of England. 60,000 Spanish dollars were spent on its construction, which is a huge amount of money, considering the British used to pay just 10,000 Spanish dollars per year, to Kedah for Penang. They also bought Singapore for the same amount some years later.

Captain Smith of Madras designed the church, in the Georgian Palladian style. You can also compare it with the St Andrew’s cathedral in Singapore. You will find the graceful Grecian columns at the building’s front along with a flat roof. Later on in the year 1864, the roof was modified to the gable shape, as it was not suitable for sustaining Penang’s weather. There is a Francis Light memorial standing on the St. George’s Church lawns.

A Memorable Event that took place at St George Church

The marriage of governor Bannerman’s daughter, Janet took place at the church in the year 1818. She was married to William Edward Philips, who was the man that over took the pepper estate that belonged to Francis Light. Suffolk house stands at Francis Light today, which is also believed to be built by him. Philips was also the acting governor of the Penang during the time the St George Penang Church was under construction.

All in all the church exhibits history of the British era, and therefore makes for a good historic place to visit in the Penang islands. For more information and assistance, feel free to consult with our Penang touring services to have your trip arranged to the St George Town Church at Penang, Malaysia.

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