Sri Mahamariamman TempleAmidst the city and its hectic schedule with honking speeding cars is a peaceful place where Mother Sakti resides; the Sri Mahamariamman temple. Constructed back in the 1833, the temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Penang Malaysia. Mother Sakti has been in the same place for over 200 years. With beautiful sculptures of Gods and Goddesses, the temple is open to the public between 6:30 am and Noon and once again between 4:30pm and 9:00pm.

When visiting this temple, taking your shoes off before you enter is a sign of respect and tolerance towards the temple. The interior of this Hindu worship place is dominated by sculptures of the Hindu deities which never fail to fascinate tourists. The temple is also well known as the Mariamman Temple as well as the Queen Street Indian Temple. This temple is specifically located in Little India in Georgetown, promoting the city’s enriching legacy. Prayers in the temple are held by priests while the temple is open for the public.

The Mariamman temple was originally constructed as a shrine for the Indian community residing in the Penang Island. The Indian community kept growing on the island, whiIndia temple,Penang Tour Malaysiach meant that the temple had to accommodate them for prayers. Therefore, the shrine grew out to be a proper temple to cater to the growing population of Hindus in the area. The deities that are worshipped in this temple comprise of Durga, Subramaniam and Ganpthy. The temple holds an invaluable statue of the Deity Subramaniam, made in gold and decorated with emerald and diamonds. Other Hindu deities, an architecture that never fails to impress visitors and sacred animals are all part of the temple.

The Sri Maha Mariamman place of worship is recognized by other names as well which include the Sri Arukmigu Mahamarianmman Temple and Sri Muthi Mariamman Temple. All these titles are entitled to one temple. The title is given to the temple because it is dedicated to the Hindu Deity; Sri Muthu Mariamman, a God more followed by the Indians who originate from the southern part of the country. The moPenang Island Tour,Unfogetable Penang Tour Malaysianument tower is as high as 23 feet. This tower is titled as “Gopuram” and within the statue are the symbols which represent the 9 planets.

Very recently, there has been a robbery attempt at the Mariamman Temple. The thieves who came into the temple using the grilled door at the back, have said to have run away with a few gold items. During the robbery, they shattered deities and a few tables. The police are examining this case under Section 457. Giving a value to the loss has not been determined yet. Being the oldest and richest temples in Malaysia for years, the temple is now supervised by the organization panel of the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. The board is also responsible for playing the role of an advisory to the Government of Malaysia regarding the Hindu yearly calendar and keeping the government updated on religious activities being performed.

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