Snake Temple,Penang Tour Malaysia

You can reveal the many mysteries of the world when you travel. The Penang Snake Temple, a site located about 3 kilometers from the Sungai Kluang airport, is an amazing place worth visiting during your Penang tour. The temple was built as a means of celebrating Chor Soo Kong, a Buddhist monk and healer. According to one legend, he housed the snakes that then moved in themselves after his death and the time the temple was built.

The temple became the home to several poisonous snakes including Wagler’s pit vipers. They were believed to be the monk’s disciples. The temple was built from the generous donations of David Brown, a Scotsman who was said to be healed of a deadly disease by Chor Soo Kong with nothing but local medicines.

From the olden days, snakes have been a part of mythology. At times, they are depicted as phallic gods or as demons or dragons like in China. Devotees from all around the world will travel to the Penang Snake Temple to seek the blessing of the snake god by giving it offerings.

Penang is known as Malaysia’s smallest state and often referred to as ‘Asia Condensed.’ Brimming with scintillating beaches, it offers a picturesque view of the crystal clear waters as they reflect the bright sunlight. You can also witness a blend of Indian and Chinese culture known simply as Baba Nyonya Culture. It is also known as Malaysia’s food capital as people can find all sorts of amazing local and international dishes here.

The massive incense burner at the entrance fills the hall with ‘holy smoke’ to induce tranquility so everything appears still and perfect. An epitome of ancient marvels, the beautiful statues and carvings are particularly worth seeing as is the 600-pound bell that was brought in from China in 1886. The snakes can be seen coiling around the fruit trees at the back of the temple.

Snake Temple,Penang Tour Malaysia

Though it is hard to estimate the number of snakes that live in the temple, there has been a decline in the temple’s snake population due to developments in the area. However, more snakes tend to be found during festive seasons.

A small exhibit can be found right near the temple. This includes a large number of tanks with lethal pythons and poisonous cobras. You can see a number of these snakes but most

of the snakes at this exhibit have been defanged to prevent poisonings and possible deaths.

It is not hard to get to the Snake Temple. Located 12 kilometers from Georgetown, you can find a number of buses headed to the Penang Snake temple. For a fun–filled Penang tour, you can hire a taxi or board a bus and explore the different shades of the state and the temple.

Fun 70
Historical 62
Natural 80
Per person Rm129 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm599
Tour guide hire Rm240


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