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Amongst the many temples that are located all around the Penang Islands, the second most beautiful temples located in the Penang Islands happens to the Wat chaiyamangkalaram temple, which is also known as the Chaiya Mangkalaram or the Chayamngkalaram. Having vibrant colors and designs as its exterior, the temple depicts the magnificent Thai architecture. It also happens to be the Siamese temple as it was built in the year 1845, on that land that was donated to the Thai communities living in the Penang by the Queen Victoria. The land that spreads over five acres of land is located at the heart of the Georgetown in Pulau Tikus, along the Burma Lane, also called the Lorong Burma.

Even though Wat Chaiyamangkalaram is not the oldest Buddhist temple that is located in Penang, Malaysia, it surely happens to be the biggest temple. the interior of the temple is decorated with several Buddha statues, one of the most prominent of which happens to be the statue that is thirty three meters in length and is in the reclining shape. Due to this statue, the temple is also known as the reclining Buddha or the sleeping Buddha temple. another interesting fact relating to this statue is that it is also reputed to be buddha’s longest statue in the entire world. Some of the other colossi that are found in the other countries includes the names of Cambodia, Myanmar, Cambodia and China.

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The temple’s architecture is gold painted to the last bit of the pagodas, which would give you the feeling of being transported to another place about the sprawling grounds. Just like the other Dhammikarama Burmese temple, which is located just across the road, you are going to find mythical beings that holds religious significance for the temple devotees.

The reclining statue of Buddha is gold plated, where as the eyes and the toenails are formed of Mother of Pearl. The hair are pulled to the point that symbolizes with the greatest enlightenments of the Buddha. This is also known as the ‘enlightenment elevation’ and also symbolizes the spiritual power for striving towards heaven. You also have to know that the third eye is the iconic representation of the spiritual vision.

Sleeping Buddha House

The different poses which the statues of Buddha show are actually the signification of the different meanings. However, all of these poses have got one thing in common and that is the reflection of the peaceful moments that is achieved only when one achieves the highest state of being. The reclining pose is believed to signify the Nirvana or enlightenment according to the Buddhist communities.

The great time for visiting the temple is during the time of Buddhist festivals, which means if you are around Penang when the Buddhist temples are taking place, you must visit it to enjoy its true religious colors. We at Penang tour services can always help you to arrange your trip to the reclining Buddha temple for your convenience, in case you want some transportation or travelling package assistance!

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