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A Penang tour will be incomplete without visiting the Clan Jetties. There are six jetties but there were seven until one was destroyed in a fire. Known as the mainstay of ancient Chinese settlements in the area, it is a home for various Chinese tribes. Take a Penang tour on these waterfronts as you witness the rich Chinese culture brewing in the smallest state of Malaysia.

One of the most fascinating facts about these water villages is that they are over 100 years old. Each jetty is christened after a Chinese clan. Tourists from all the four corners of the world can find themselves lost in the mesmerizing views of the village. The jetties are very tourist-friendly and offer comfortable lodgings to weary travelers.

The Clan Jetties were initially beleaguered with flat timber and logs. In the year 1882, the waterfront was urbanized and the population around the place increased as the waterfront was frequently used for the anchoring of boats that would bring in foreign products and export their own. With time, the jetties were associated and presided over by families. However, owing to constant fights and monopolies, the rapport between the clans was often marked by strife.

The residents in the jetty settlements lacked basic facilities like electricity and water in the beginning of the 20th century. It was only after the conclusion of the Penang municipal elections in the year 1957 that the area moved into its modern period.

As you move in the village, you will come across a communal house. This house is notable to the important of the beginning of the area’s modern period. The government built a shed to provide shelter for the people waiting for the ships to anchor around this place. When the clans took over, this shed became a communal house.

Clan Jetty,Penang Tour Malaysia

The jetties stand out as an astonishing site in the Georgetown, Penang area. Chew Jetty is one of the most famous jetties. One of the highlights of the Chew Jetty is the annual prayer that they offer to Tee Kong, which literally means God of Heaven. Along with their prayers, they offer crabs, roasted pork, chicken, cookies, Chinese cakes and fruits in gratitude for all the blessings they receive. You can get a glimpse of the land’s culture and the dragon and lion dances that they are known for. Enjoy the spectacular display of fireworks to mark the advent of Hokkien New Year.

There are other jetties in the area that are connected with roads and are easy to reach. No Penang tour is complete without visiting these water villages and exploring the cultures that reside in them. Today, the younger generation of people here no longer relies on the sea for a living. The jetties are left with only the elders who still continue to enjoy their age old lifestyle. One of the amazing facts about the clans to this day is that they have never paid any tax to the government as they are living on the sea and not on the land.

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