Those of you who want to spend their holidays at a peaceful and beautiful destination, Penang is the best option. This state is full of natural beauty, culture, tradition and history. In short, there is always something new for you in Penang. Still, if you think that you do not want to bound yourself to Penang only then there is a special Penang to Hatyai Tour service offered by us as well.

Hatyai is a beautiful city located in Thailand; the journey is long but full of fun and adventure. Since this city is located near the Malaysian border, we can take you there with our van tour service.

Penang to Hatyai Tour

The distance between Penang and Hatyai is almost 129 miles that makes it 208 Kilometers. We will be taking you there by van and it will take around two and a half hours from Penang to Hatyai.

Penang to Hatyai By Bus

You can decide how you would like to travel (by bus or by van). As a tourism company, we have made all the important arrangements for you to reach from Penang to Hatyai. With our special Bus and Van service, you can reach Hatyai safely while enjoying the journey and taking pictures of beautiful scenery on the way.

Penang to Hatyai By Air

If you want, we can arrange air travel services for you as well but that totally depends on your budget. Travel by bus and van is economical and on the other hand, air travel is expensive but it reduces the time required to reach Hatyai from Penang.

Tourist Attractions in Hatyai

As mentioned earlier, Hatyai is amazingly beautiful city. Once you will reach there and settle in a hotel, you can decide to go out and enjoy the beauty of this city. You can visit beautiful destinations in Hatyai city, see the culture and tradition of local people and also enjoy the delicious food as well.

Some of the famous places that you can visit in Hatyai are described below.

Asean Trade Center – This is one of those tourism places in Hatyai that you cannot miss. The trade center is a fabulous building with great infrastructure. You can buy different products from here as well as gifts for your family back home.

Hatyai Floating MarketYou must have seen the floating market in many movies and TV commercials but this time, you will get to see the live view. Hatyai floating market is unique in its own kind. The fun of buying things from floating ships has no comparison in the world.

Hatyai Municipal ParkIf you are visiting Hatyai with your family then we will arrange for you to visit Hatyai Municipal Park as your kids will love it here. The park has got amazing rides that you and your family will enjoy but most importantly, it offers a fresh and exciting view to your eyes.

After letting you have a lot of fun in Hatyai, we will start our journey back to Penang and just like before, you can decide how you would like to travel, by air or by road.

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