Penang night market,Penang Tour MalaysiaThe night market, as suggested by its name, opens up at dusk until late night. This night market is controlled by local dealers and offers a variety of products that include fake goods like copies of popular brand names and souvenirs. The Penang night market has become bliss for customers, primarily due to the range of copies products summed up with friendly traders, who do bring down prices if the shopper negotiates.

In addition, services like massage are also offered in exchange of money. The good thing about the market is the environmental friendliness for both genders to visit. Services like massages are offered by men and women both, so the ones who are conscious and uncomfortable of buying the service from the opposite gender need not to worry. However, the drawback to this night market is the fact that it opens at night time only (And hence the name of course). It’s dark, which adds to misery because the ground is not level. This night market is often named after its location. Being placed on the Batu Ferringhi beach, the name of the night market has been titled as the Batu Ferringhi night market. Appraisals and evaluation from people who have visited the local mall is a mixture of opinions. Some found the market cheap and enjoyable, whilePenang Night Market,Penang Tour Malaysia those who absolutely love their brands and see the availability of fake brands did not appreciate its offerings. The souk is also an appealing place for those who hold the taste of western clothing.

It takes roughly about 45 minutes on the road travel to reach to the night market from the Gumey Drive. The shuttle service drops takes the shoppers to the heart of the night market, titled as “Holiday Inn” and will pick you up back again from the same point at 11pm. Also known as the “Sidewalk bazaar” by the locals, the market is one of the most well-liked, trendy and accepted places in Malaysia. The place occupied by the market is relatively quieter and calmer during the day, making the beach look lonely and empty. Most visitors to the beach enjoy the beach at daytime, and the market as a nighttime activity. However, during the weekdays, there is hardly any crowd as compared to influx on the weekends. Covering up to 2km of the entire coastline, the ideal clothing for this expedition for the Shopaholics would be the casual most comfortable with good walking shoes. The night market shuts down when a downpour is in place of action. Quite often, nature comes unannounced, so one should be prepared for it while visiting the bazaar.

The curfew timing for the market place has never been set to a standard timing. The trend of the market closing down differs from day to day and depends on the number of customers. On weekdays, when the footfall to the market is generally lower as compared to the weekends, the night market closes down earlier, probably in the middle of the night. However, during the weekend, when most of the locals and tourists visit the place, the night market changes its trend and moves its closing time till the outbreak of light. When it comes to affordable shopping and bargaining, even men love shopping at the night bazaar.

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