Malaysia is generously laced with decade old history, natural beauty and uniqueness of its own kind. Located in the heart of Asia, Malaysia is a cauldron of old and new.  Numerous large and small sates which are intertwined within the geographical realm of the country lends an unparalleled identity and today Malaysia is at the zenith of travel destinations in the world. The attractions and the lone features are not limited within the main cities of Malaysia; smaller sates, towns and villages have emerged as the quintessential travel destination as well. 

Among the many towns and states that build Malaysia, lies Penang and within its mainland sits the quaint town of Butterworth.  Also referred as the twin of George Town, Butterworth was named after William John Butterworth where settlement started taking place from the mid 19th century. This busy little town has a plethora of local landmarks, markets, snack sheds, fruit farms, art galleries and festivals to visit.  Playing a second fiddle to George Town, Butterworth has an impressive amount of population herself and houses nearly 107,591 people.

Although Butterworth is synonymous with transportation, where numerous railway stations and ferry terminals meet, yet Butterworth seems to be uninfluenced by the changing times. Set up during the British era, an impressive amount of colonial architecture along with old Chinese temple, mosque and buildings can be found side by side with modern constructions. Butterworth is linked to the main island of Penang by the Penang Bridge and Ferry service.

 Getting Around

Butterworth can be reached by railways, roads, and ferry service. The Butterworth train terminus is one the busiest and most important train terminus in West Malaysia and most people visit Butterworth availing the train service from Hatyai and Kuala Lampur. One of the notable places of Butterworth is the Butterworth Bird Park, and was the first ever and longest bird park to be established in Malaysia. 

Located near the Butterworth ferry terminal, this Bird Park nearly covers five acres of land. More than 300 species of birds from around the world reside within the boundaries of the Butterworth Bird Park. There are almost 3000 birds and they include the Hornbills, hawks, parrots, doves, cuckoo and several other species. The extensive acre of land is also covered with lush green gardens, ponds with roaming water birds and an array of flora which includes bamboo, palm trees, hibiscus and tropical flowers. This national park is also a habitat of few reptiles and deer. Open on weekdays excluding public holidays, visitors here gets the unique opportunity of bird feeding and dining at the in-house restaurant that serves delicious local and western food.

The Butterworth Tow Boo Kong Temple is also of great significance as it is the one of nine emperor god’s temple in Malaysia. This temple is located in Raja UdaTemple,Penang Tour Malaysia, in the interiors of Butterworth and stands across forty square feet of area. The Majestic temple of Tow Boo Kong which was built merely 40 years ago in 1974 has emerged as a steady place for worship over the years. Magnificent interior, carving and sculptures highlights this temple and is visited by hundreds of visitors every year. 

Set aside the Bird Park and Temple, Butterworth has a lot to offer. The streets are lined with numerous local and posh restaurants selling local seafood to western meal. No visit is ever complete without shopping; a large number of small shopping complexes, mega mall and shopping malls like the Sunway Carnival Malls provide excellent opportunity for shopping. Other than that, there are street hawker and vendors that sell local goods and souvenirs.

The town of Butterworth is more that what meets the eye. This busy little is a wonder in itself and a true travel destination left to be discovered by travelers, old and young alike.

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