6 kilometers away from the Malaysian metropolis center of George Town, Penang hill encompasses of peaks and is a hill resort located in the area of Air Itam. Air Itam has its basis on the island of Penang. Penang hill is one of the colonial hill stations that were built by the British in the conclusion of the 18th century. The group of peaks is as high as 830 meters and has served to be one of the oldest peaks of Malaysia. Penang hill serves to be the most urbanized and developed peak in the country, where the most significant characteristic is the weather. With a relatively cooler environment, the peaks of Penang share a temperature that ranges between 20°Penang Hill Cable Car,Penang Tour MalaysiaC to 27°C. The average temperature remains below 21°C most of the times. The weather climate brings the warmest of months between December and April whilst winters are shared at Penang between June and October.

The Penang hill has become one of the most popular sites for tourists due to its climatic features. Accessibility to the area is through the transport of the bus from Georgia town. Although there are a number of buses which could get a tourist to the Ayer Itam Terminal but a transit link bus numbered as 1 or 101  from the bus terminal of George town. Other options include Lim Seng bus number 91 or the minibus numbered as 21. In addition, the Penang Tour Service is a funicular train which gets tourists to the top of the hill. Another option in travelling through the funicular train is the railways of the Penang Hill. Penang Hill Railways take you to Penang Hill by climbing Air Itam through the route of George Town. This railway was built as a secondary option to reach out to the summit of the island. Construction of the railway was rendered useless due to technical faults after being completed in 1905.The Penang Hill railway was made successful after 1.5 Million Dollars were invested in the 10 year projected initiated in 1914. Approximately 2007 meters long, the railway was officially inaugurated by Sir Guillemard. In addition, these hills are a host to a 32 cylinder cannon which weighs 2.75 tons. This 2.75 tonner can fire a 32 pound ball with a support of a 5kg, attacking with the speed of 1600 feet per second.

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Being 2000 sq. feet above the sea level, Penang Hills offer rich natural beauty in terms of forests that are rich in plant species like oak trees. In addition, since the hill station was built by the British, the 18th century heritage is reflected in the structure. What may attract a tourist would be the beautiful coast of Panang Island views from the hill station. Government Hill, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill, Strawberry Hill, Western Hill and Halliburton’s Hill combine up to make one set of hills; Penang Hill. The highest of these hills; the Western Hills is about 833 meters or approximately 2700 feet.

Being close to Georgia Town, the Penang Hills have become a popular tourist attraction because of its rarity based on the fact that the hills are located on an island.

Penang Hill  Also labeled as Bukit Bendera, Penang Hill is a wonderful gateway from the nearby city of Georgetown. Most tourists explore the hill since it offers serenity and quietude with the hypnotizing view of Penang. If you want to savor the real taste of Malaysia’s sundry culture then a trip to the Indian temple and mosque on the hill is a must for you. In short, this is the place where you can rejuvenate, relax and give your Penang tour a memorable touch

Drenched in nature’s allure, Penang Hill was the first hill resort to be developed in Malaysia. the tranquil hill station is fringed with Government Hill, Laksamana Tiger Hill and Flagstaff Hill. Here you can give your eyes a natural treat by watching the rare species of flora and fauna. If you have the desire to spend some cozy moments away from the hustle bustle of the city then Penang Hill is the place to be.

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Historical 46
Natural 99
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Group of 10 person Rm528
Tour guide hire Rm240
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