Firefly watching is one of the latest attractions of Penang and has gained immense popularity in the recent past. You can take a ride the traditional Malay-style boats made out of wood, which take you into the forest areas where you can see these flickering insects and enjoy the dazzling display that these present. The Penang Firefly Tour involves a journey to Nibong Tebal from Penang. On your way between these two places falls a place called Sungai Krian, which is known for its illustrious firefly sight. The boat for the tour waits for the tourists at the jetty from where the illustrious journey to this marvelous experience begins.

Firefly Tour,Penang Tour Malaysia

Fireflies are extremely interesting animals and are proof of how vivid and varied the earth’s ecosystem is. These insects emit lights for attracting mates, and this is actually the only mode of communication for them. The pattern of glowing is different for different species. There are two types of fireflies, one that fly around and the other that hang on the trees. The ones that fly around are male fireflies while the other kinds are females. The males and the females communicate in the language of light flashes.  In addition to this, the light flashing mechanism of these insects is also a method by which they protect themselves by scaring predators away.

The Krian Rivers was the first area to have been discovered with firefly colonies. The insects are reducing in numbers, and to have them in such large numbers here can be a lifetime experience for wildlife enthusiasts and hobbyists. If you wish to experience the real beauty of this sight, you must visit the place at night. The view is truly magical. The tour is one hour boat ride along the banks of the Krian Rivers and the trip is planned at around 7 or 8 P.M. In the first look, the sight is similar to seeing a fully lighted Christmas tree. The boat is also steered to locations, which are closer to the river bank in order to let the tourists get a closer look of these marvels of the nature. In fact, you can reach them with your hands and experience their beauty in the most natural surroundings.

Firefly Tour,Penang Tour Malaysia


The growing popularity of the Penang Tour has forced the government to develop and beautify the 4 kilometer stretch along the Krian river bank. These developments include setting up an exclusive seafood restaurant, adding a water path and installing a suitable jetty. The riverside restaurant provides some excellent seafood and the prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, the cost of having food at this restaurant is much lower than the same at a restaurant in the island area.  In addition to getting this opportunity of witnessing this marvelous sight with

your naked eyes, the Penang Firefly Tour also gives you an opportunity to take a cruise along the calm and composed river bank of Krian River. Besides, you can also visit the bat cave and fish farm to add more value to your journey.

Per person Rm170 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240
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