Medical tourismPenang is known in Malaysia for its tourist attractions wherein the industry accounts for a huge chunk of the state’s economy. Among its rich heritage, cultural luxuries and plush beaches, health care have never taken a back seat and has always been of prime importance. With a vast array of services offered, covering all grounds, hospitals employ extremely affable doctors and nurses.   Doctors possess the required competence and specializations to treat everything ranging from a minor cold to cancer. Hospitals also encourage charity work from the local public to assist patients who are in need of attention.

Penang’s medical institutions are vast and located evenly around the state ensuring medical health care never being too far away. Here is a list of some of the well-known h
ospitals in Penang:A proper medical healthcare setup is necessary for a functioning, healthy demographic and even more so in a tourist destination and Penang’s Medical Healthcare has never failed to deliver on that front. Hospitals and clinics are well stocked and ensure fair and ethical practices while strictly abiding by the laws as well. Cleanliness and hygiene possess of utmost importance at the hospitals and these institutions adequately trained personnel. The hospitals consist of patent departments such as Oncology, ENT, Accident and Emergency, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Maternity wards etc. Provisions for taking care of senior citizens are also present.

·         Government Hospitals: As they are funded by the government, Government Hospitals in Penang provide healthcare at subsidized prices, yet maintain the necessary standards. Following are a few Government hospitals and their contact details:

o   Penang General Hospital (+60 4-229 3333): Penang General Hospital founded in 1812, it is the second largest hospital in Malaysia. It is well funded and has served an enormous amount of patients since its foundation.

o   Hospital Bukit Mertajam (+60 4-538 3333): Lying on the mainland, Hospital Bukit Mertajam is another well maintained government hospital while boasting off a 5 star rating from patients.


Private Hospitals: Private hospitals are known to maintain high standards and employ exceptional staff, all around the world. Walking in, you know you are in good hands. Here is a list of Private hospitals with their contact numbers:

o   Penang Adventist Hospital (+60 4-222 7200): Opened on 12th of December, 1924 by Dr. Earl Gardner, Penang Adventist Hospital is one of the most popular health care centers in Penang. Its motto has always been helping the sick and poor even through the world war. It now offers various top notch facilities in cosmetic surgery, dental care, oncology, dialysis treatments and general health care. It houses 211 hospital beds and 10 ICU beds. All of this, at affordable prices.

o   Lam WahEeHospital (+60 4-657 1888): With multiple certifications, Lam WahEe offers clean and hygienic rooms. Doctors with specializations in various disciplines such as Dentistry, ENT, Pediatrics are a given. Apart from that, a wide array of plastic surgeries is also available.

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While enjoying your stay in Penang, adventures and jovial events are experiencing one must not miss out on, accidents may always occur. Penang’s emergency services have got you covered and in case something terrible might happen, calling 999 would give you an immediate emergency response.

So go and experience Penang’s true beauty that lies in its exotic buildings, beaches, traditional culture and delicious food without fear, since Penang’s Medical health care services ensure you’re always in safe hands and help, is just around the corner.

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