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One of the most interesting attraction of Georgetown happens to be the Khoo Kongsi temple. Built some 650 years ago, it is an important part of the goh tai she, which were amongst one of the big clans and also formed the backbone of the Hokkien community, in the old days of the Penang islands. The Kongsis located on the Jalan Acheh off, the Lebuh Pitt happen to be Penang’s most lavishly decorated Kongsis.  

Kongsi, meaning a clan house in English, is actually a building where the Chinese families belonging to the same surname get together for the ancestral worshipping. The worships help in representing the family’s social and spiritual commitments between the outside community, the ancestors and the extended relations. You can thus say, it acts as a significant piece of solidarity and family unity. However, today it also helps in the education of members’ children, in the settlement of their disputes, along with the financial issues such as loans.

History of Penang Khoo Kongsi

As far as the history of the Penang Khoo Kongsi goes, it was developed to provide a way for the immigrants of the 19th century to gel together according to their respective districts and communities. However, due to this clan centric bias, there were many hostile sentiments that got developed among the different clan houses, which further resulted in the formation of arch enemies and violence at that time.

There are many kongsis in the Penang Islands that are 100 years old. Just so you know, the Khoo Kongsi happens to be one of the most prominent Chinese lineages found in Malaysia and is also the most famous clan house in the islands. It was found by the Leong Sin Tong clan from the Sin Kang clan village, located in the province of Hokkien. There are many, who would tell you that it was originally built for showcasing the Khoo family’s success.

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Clans Other than Khoo Kongsis

Although Khoo Kongsi is an important clan even today for its magnificent architecture, and also exemplifies prosperity and good luck. There are some other clans present as well, at the time of its existence. Those clans are known by the names of Cheah, Lim, Tan and Yeoh, and like Khoo Kongsis, they also represented the central point of their respective communities. However, what you need to know is that none of these clan houses were as impressive as the Khoo Kongsi (Leon San Tong) was and still is, in the entire region of the South East Asia.

khoo kongsi opera house

The Design of Khoo Kongsi

The craftsmen which built the architecture and the design of Khoo Kongsi, were summoned especially from China. Today, it is also known by another name of ‘ the Dragon Mountain Hall’, as its flamboyant structure is happened to be standing squarely on the granite, having the stone carvings, to provide a decorative look and appeal to its entrance hall.

In its interior, you are going to find different birthday portraying murals, pavilions, wedding ceremonies and last but not the least the thirty six divine guardian statues, which are dispersed throughout its insides. You will also find the paper lamps bathing the interior to give an orange glow along with the stunning ceramic sculptures of the immortals, dragons lining the roof ridges and the carp fish.

All in all, you are going to love your trip to the Khoo Kongsi Penang, which means that you should add it in your must visit list while being on your trip to the Penang Islands. You can always consult with our touring services for getting your trip arranged along with the transportation, whenever you want to visit it.

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