The majestic temple of Penang or more popularly known as the “Kek Lok Si” temple originated from a Chinese Buddhist in 1890. The Chinese Buddhist, Beow Lean was an immigrant to Malaysia and a businessman by occupation. He let go of his occupation to redirect his efforts towards his religion at the mere age of 33. He came to the Penang Island to look for donations that would enable him to renovate Fuzhou, a monastery in China but legend has it, that he was appointed the chief monk of the oldest temple; the Kuan Yin Teng.

kek lok si temple firework

The well known temple is also called the “Temple of Supreme Bliss” consisting of pagodas, bell towers and prayer halls. When looking at the temple from a distance, the two constructions are dominating as the seven storey pagoda reflects the strong history and culture heritage of the island and the country. The goddess of mercy, Kun Yin is represented by a bronze statue in the temple, which enhances the beauty and attraction towards the temple. The entrance to the main building requires you to walk to the temple pond. The temple pond is not as famous as the temple itself. The architecture of the monument reflects the deep rich history of the traditions of Chinese rituals and Mahayana Buddhism. This construction and design of the building was stimulated from the chief monk who represented the Goddess of Mercy temple located at the Pitt Street.

Bronze Status Of Kuan Yin,Penang Tour Malaysia


The Kek Lok Si temple is now commercialized, while maintaining its original beauty, with shops inside the main temple as well. The temple is growing, as in recent date there has been construction of the bronze statues of Kuan Yin and open to the public.  Building of the dragon pillars, openhanded assistances from the Chinese community and additional constructions for the Kiun Yin suggest that the temple is being worked upon constructively.

The temple becomes the best tourist attracting on the island during the celebrations of the Chinese new year’s. The temple is decorated with lanterns that brighten the temple. The public is allowed in from 7 in the morning to 9 at night., there is no admission cost with exception to the sky lift and the pagoda on a minimal cost of MYR 2 (subject to change).

It is usually said that a man with willpower and strength can move mountains, but a man dedicated and faithful can carve one. If that is true, then surely, the Kek Lok Si temple is a mountain craved by Beow Lean. His focus and diligence towards the Kek Lok Si temple enabled the temple to begin to take shape and form. Supportive superiors in alignment with local tycoons supporting through donations, the splendid temple has become one of the most prominent ones in Malaysia. For travelers, who is visiting the temple would be the vegetarian restaurant located beneath the temple.

Fun 76
Historical 89
Natural 80
Per person Rm128 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm528
Tour guide hire Rm240
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