Penang is a beautiful and lovely place. One could simply go on exploring this place and the exploration would never end. It isn’t for nothing that the occident calls it the pearl of the orient. Lovely beaches, amazing landscapes, vintage buildings and a lot more are on offer at this place. There are numerous places which are a must visit. One such place is the batik factory. You could also visit the snake temple and the Malay village out there. A village is known as a kampong out here. You will have one hell of an experience exploring this lovely island. Don’t forget to visit the snake temple as well.

There are many things that highlight this place. A visit to all of these highlights is also going to be delightful. A large number of people take a mini day trip to this place and have all the fun that they can. The place offers so many attractions that it is impossible to state the highlights out here. In order to list the highlights of Penang one will have an extremely tough time. Visiting it for a day is also insufficient sometimes and at other times, visiting it for a few hours will be more than enough. However, Penang has more than enough attractions to please everyone’s palete. It is one hell of a place.                         

One could go on exploring this place on a regular basis and still not tire of it. Penang is a journey full of discoveries and surprises. You could finish off this journey in a couple of hours or you could go on with an elongated exploration. Hence, companies offer a 4 hour tour as well as a day tour to Penang. You can choose whichever you like. It is ideal to finish it off in 4 hours for a visit to Penang can be a never ending one. Therefore, visit everything that you can as quickly as possible. Visiting the basic tourist attractions should do the needful for you.

Penang has lots and lots of old traditions of its own. Knowing a thing or 2 about these traditions is going to be extremely helpful. Batik printing is one such old tradition of Penang and a large number of people are involved in it. This tradition has been passed from 1 generation to another by the forefathers. Batik printing techniques are extremely unique and have to be intricately followed to achieve the desired results. You yourself could try a hand at it and learn the art of batik printing. It is a delightfully artistic print and you can try it out yourself as well.

Other than the lovely places and attraction that Penang has to offer, Penang also has unique fruits and spices of its own. These also ought to be explored by the traveler. There are more than enough fruits out here and an equally large number of spices that are available. These have to be explored to the fullest in order to properly understand the city.

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