Penang’s history is as old as 1786. This place was a British possession in 1786. Prior to that, Penang belonged to the Kedah sultanate.Hence, the history of Penang and Kedah are fairly mixed with each other. The history of Penang also relates closely to Malaya. For, Penang was a part of the Malayan federation in the year 1957. Thus, Penang clearly has 3 parts of history to its credit. The Kedah sultanate, the British rule and the Malayan Federation. All 3 aspects of the Penang history are of equal importance and are crucial to what Penang is today. History has created Penang and Penang has created history.

Thus, the contents of the history of Penang are benumbing and interesting both at the same time. Like the history of all nations where a lot of things remain hidden or get lost in the pages of history, Penang is no different. However, whatever is available from the past of Penang is fascinating enough. Penang’s history dates back to WW I and goes on WW II. The post war and post independence eras of Penang are equally fascinating. The best part about Penang’s history is the colonial era of the country. A lot of events in Penang have led to diversity in this region.

Apart from all of these, Penang has also had to deal with migrants from china who settled down in this part of the world. The Chinese weren’t the only ones who migrated to Penang. A large number of Indians have also migrated into this region. Just like any other region, Penang has its own socio-political history after the state gained independence. Anyone could see through this peculiar culture of Penang in a jiffy. It is easily noticeable and is usually referred to as cultural diversity. It would be interesting to enter into deeper studies about Penang. It will throw in interesting insights.

There are innumerable sources that will tell you about Penang’s incredible history. Penang’s pre-independence era is simply a mind boggling one. It is bound to blow you away. Penang was definitely one legacy of its own back then. Penang is different in today’s day and age from what it was back then but history has shaped Penang into what it is today. It is necessary to get a deep insight into this baffling history of Penang. Penang’s history begins from the year 1786 and then moves forward to what it is today. Just like everything else, Penang’s history is also a fascinating one.

One of the best parts about Penang is fort Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis was built during the British Empire and is one of the most popular buildings in the world until today. A large number of tourists flock this fort on a regular basis. This fort is popular because of its 16th century make majorly. It is one of the best constructed forts and can make you blink twice because of how wonderful it is. Fort Cornwallis is special in its own way and hence, is sought after by a whole lot of tourists regularly. After all, this fort is a treat to look at.

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