George Town, the capital city of the State of Penang in Malaysia, serves to be a mixture of Asia’s subcultures. The captivating blend between the cultures of the west with that of the east never fails to influence its visitors. The state capital is a fusion of modernism and cultural heritage itself. The city has been able to hold close to the recent culture of the 21st Century while gripping its cultural inheritance very tightly.

With the city dominated by the Chinese population, the populace still delivers a sense of mono-ethnicity.  The metropolis never fails to surprise its visitors, primarily because the state of Penang holds a lot of tourist attractions even though it has been hostage to colonization in the past.

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The history of Penang’s beginning can only be traced back to the 1700’s. No recorded history can be traced back beyond the 1700. Captain Francis Light was found to take control of Penang back in 1786 on the instructions of the East India Company. The state of Penang began to take the lead in development soon afterwards. Policies were made in support of Emigrants, which allowed them to purchase as much property as they wanted to.

Penang became successful in pulling a lot of immigrants from Asia towards itself, primarily because of the duty free portPenang owned. However, by 1867, the state faced uprisings which lead to the state becoming an independent part of Malaysia. Almost a century later, by the 1957, George Town was termed as a city. This took place 7 months before Malaysia got its independence.

Cultural interactions involving the West and East enabled the city to be influenced by the Asian culture in collaboration with the culture of Europe. Churches, Temples, protection walls and government buildings along with other commercial buildings highlight the architectural scenery of the city. 18th Century influences are still very evident on the streets summed up with modernism. The famous Hong Kong and Shangai banking operations (HSBC) and Netherland trading society where the first few corporations to settle into the city of George Town.

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As a visitor to the city, the feedback enables one to judge George Town as a peaceful city that relaxes the visitor. Shops, restaurants and malls do not open up until noon, which makes the city calm in the morning time.  However, as a tourist, there will not be any activities besides eating foods of different cultures and visiting tourist attractions like the butterfly farm and the beach.

Recognized for the well preserved heritage, hawkers and street markets continue to be a part of daily life, just like any other metropolitan. The city lightens up to life in the evening, when the city comes out to enjoy foods sold by street hawkers  with a couple of drinks. A light hearted city, combining modernism, heritage and spring like atmosphere, George Town is able to attract tourists and retain its locals.

Travelling teaches a human a lot of thing including tolerance and open mindedness. George Town remains one of the few places where such learning can take place despite staying for a minimal period.

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