Gurney Background

There are a lot of reasons for visiting the Penang islands, however apart from all the breathtaking locations and its rich history, the islands are well reputed for the food they offer. So when it comes to the most mouthwatering and tasty location in the entire islands, nothing comes up in the mind of anyone other than the famous Gurney Drive, which is the most popular seafront promenade in the entire Georgetown. This place has got everything for suiting the food galore and the appetite of everyone.

The location is also very classy, as its one of the up markets of the residential areas compromising of 5 star hotels, condos and shopping malls. However there are also Penang special hawker stalls and a lively night market which you can enjoy during you visit to Gurney drive. The place is always crowded with people especially during the weekends and the public holidays, which makes car parking a very difficult affair, however, this shows how famous the Penang famous seafront is when it comes to enjoying short or long meals.

Gurney Book

Its named after the High commissioner of Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney, who was unfortunately assassinated by the guerillas of the Malayan communist party during the period of Malayan emergency. Due to his several contributions to the community of Malaya, the food place was named after him for showing respect and regards.

Penang Gurney drive happens to be the best food point, as it stretches across the coastline providing a top spot for the families, friends and lovers to enjoy the sunset with their favorite dishes. among the many 5 star hotels, you will also find a lot of hawker stalls that have mushroomed over the period of several years, as the patrons were famous for enjoying their food along with the magnificent sound and sight of the crashing ocean waves. For this very reason, this place has become a popular and reasonably priced food place, driving the locals and the foreigners to itself in abundant numbers during  the night time.

Gurney Hawker Stall

One of the most sought after food dish  happens to be the rice noodles with the crunchy bean sprouts, fried prawns and cockles. This signature dish is sold by a lot of stalls, owing to its popularity. Another delicious and famous dish happens to be Penang Asam Laksa. Some of the other tasty food dishes include the names of Penang Rojak, Poh Piah, Chendol, Curry Noodles, Satay, Nasi Kandar among many others.

The place happens to be the first stop among the weekend nights, as many of the locals dressed in trendy wear choose to stop by before moving on to the other nightspots. You can also shop from the many shopping malls that are located around it after filling in your hungry stomach. So visit the gurney drive for enjoying the beautiful sunset, ocean waves and the mouthwatering food that its is rightly famous for! We at Penang Touring Services, can arrange your trip to the Gurney drive, if you need any kind of assistance. Feel free to consult us anytime during the entire week.

Fun 70
Historical 79
Natural 50
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm468
Tour guide hire Rm240

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