The Fort Cornwallis was built by Francis Light, happens to be an important landmark of the Penang islands.  The fort is shaped in the form of a star, and signifies the start of the British government in the year 1786, when they took over the islands. However, later on, the fort was named after Charles Marquis Cornwallis, the Bengal’s Governor General. 
This fort was built with palm trunk having no permanent structure, and covers four hundred and seventeen sq. ft. during the colonel R.T. Farquhar’s term, who was the governor of the Penang in the year 1804, the fort was rebuilt with the help of the stones and the bricks that were dispatched from India.

The whole construction came to an end in the year 1810, during the term of Norma Macalister, who happened to be the Governor of Penang at that time. It however cost about eighty thousand Spanish dollars.

sri rambai cannon

Some of the interesting facts about the fort at that time are as follow:

A flagstaff and harbor light for signaling and communication with the incoming ships.

There were also a lot of canons located inside it including the one that was known as the Sri Rambai.

There were cell rooms which were used for holding the prisoners.

There were also guard horses and stores present inside the fort

francis light

This would give you an idea that the fort was basically built for holding the military weapons and the military troops, however it was mainly used as an administrative point rather than the defensive one. As far as the history of the fort is concerned, it never got engaged in any war or battle, even during the world war 2, when the Japanese troops took possession of the islands from the British forces.

In the year 1977 , as per the Act of Antiquities, this fort was considered as a historical monument. In the month of March, from the year 2000 to 2001, the restoration of Fort Cornwallis was granted by the Malaysian government  by providing RM 1.9 m to bring back its previous days of glory.

The government also privatized the Fort management during the year 1991, thus enhancing its position as the prime tourist attraction in Penang.

Today, you are going to find the Fort Cornwallis having its wooden ornamental gate, thus experiencing a solid and even more intact look. At the heart of the fort, you are going to find the air conditioned historic gallery, a souvenir shop, a handicraft and a modern open air music amphitheatre, where musical events along with and the cultural festivals take place on a regular basis.

For its modern contemporary look, this fort has therefore become a really protected historical monument, and is successfully termed as also termed as the biggest fort in the entire country of Malaysia. For arranging a tour to the Fort Cornwallis, you can always consult with our touring services, as we would convert your entire journey into one of the most fascinating journey for you. Feel free to consult with our touring consultants now for more details.

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