The majestic island on the north-west coast of Malaysia, Penang is renowned for its culinary affair and rightfully named ‘Food Paradise’. The tropical climate and favorable demographic conditions and excellent culinary skills have placed Penang among the leading food capitals of the world. They say that, “in Penang, people live to eat”, thus blessed with fertile lands and the adjoining sea, it is the ideal place for travelers to dip their taste bud in an array of cuisine.  From seafood to the posh Malaysian menu, Penang is a great place to eat.

Leaving out the landmarks and attractions, Penang can be toured simply on the basis of its culinary expertise. Penang offers visitors with distinctive dishes with fine flavors and texture which are hygienic and clean and are served in generous amount. Penang being multicultural consists of a diverse range of restaurants and food stalls. 

Now if you are looking out for local eateries and menu to gorge on then there are numerous street vendors in George Town, Penang selling Peranakan food, a pork-rich meal. The Peranakan food sold in Penang is different from the ones cooked in Singapore and China. Penang has also developed some authentic cuisines that are significant to the island. char kway teow, a local dish prepared from flat rice noodles along with prawns, chives, cockles and bean–sprout stir fried with prawn paste, chilly and light and dark soy in lard. This menu is served fierce hot and provides an excellent visual experience when the vendors work on it.

Similar to the char kway tChar Koay Teow,Penang Tour Malaysiaeow, another dish that holds great significance and is a favorite among locals and visitors is the Asam laksa, a dish prepared with tamarind, sardines or mackerel with rice noodles along with pineapple slices, chopped raw flower and Vietnamese mint to subdue the sour taste. The essence of Asam laksa lies in the process it is cooked and requires prominent expertise. Now if you do on a culinary tour to Penang then not only do you get to sample the hawker food but traditional restaurants and shops which are only known to locals.

You cannot go to Penang and not have Dim-Sum, the Dim-Sum Food Restaurant in Penang cooks the finest of its kind. Pork, chicken and numerous other kinds are available to satisfy your taste. Hokkien Mee is another favorite, made from yellow noodles and bihun, it is soaked in flavor dark sauce with pork, prawn and fish slices. Garnishing includes spring onion slices and bean sprouts.

Desert in the likes of Teochew chendol, are also available. It is dessert that comprises of green noodles in coconut milk, served with brown sugar and shaved ice. Ice Kacang is a similar dessert that combines red bean, palm seed, sweet corn, jelly cubes, grass jelly and shaved ice with coconut milk anCendol,Penang Tour Malaysiad rose syrup as toppings. Tau Sa Piah or Dragon Ball is also a renowned Pastry and a local favorite. 

However, Penang Food is not just limited to street hawkers and vendors, a large number of Bar, Café and restaurants serve fine local and western cuisine. Finest drinks and wine are served in Chine House.You simply cannot do without pinapple cakes at SiTigun Cafe– it is the Home of Aromatic Coffee and other delicious tit-bits. Kissa Koyotei, the Japanese Café which sells authentic Japanese food is a must have on at your stay in Penang as well.

Mouth watering dishes are available at local markets to restaurant at Penang. So take your time and discover the true essence of the ‘Food Paradise’.

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