Holidays are that time of the year that everyone looks forward too, this means that for enjoying your time to the fullest, you can consider visiting a place which has got unique and unusual attractions that can make your entire journey a really pleasant travelling experience for you and your family. If you want to browse through the sights and sounds that has got a mix of East and West, then consider booking your tickets for the Penang islands, Malaysia. Located at the northwest coast of Peninsular, the islands are a wonderful place to be at during your holidays.

With the absorbing air of the fairytale surroundings, you can go on an adventurous Penang fishing tour. There are beautiful beaches along with the several motels located around them that make for a wonderful staying option. There are also world’s most renowned buildings located around the beaches, such as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, which exhibits rich culture, natural charm and tradition.

There is Teluk Bahang located in the northwestern tip of the Penang islands, that is considered as a perfect place for the relaxation. There are no bustling hotels located there, which is why you get to enjoy the serene view of the roaring sea along with a stretch which seems never ending.

The wooden jetties which are extending from the shore outwards enhance its beauty even further. If you are visiting the village, you must make sure that you don’t end up missing the sun set. This is the village that happens to rely on its fishing as its bread and butter, but now it relies more on the tourism industry. There are many seafood restaurants which you can enjoy your visit to, when going for a Penang fishing tour. You are surely going to enjoy the tranquil and rustic charm of this village at the end of your day.

Then there is Batu Maung which happens to be a small fishing village, located on the southeast tip of the Penang islands. This is the place where the deep sea fishing port is located, which is why it is also quite famous for its seafood cuisines. During the sixties and the seventies, there was a famous seafood restaurant called ocean inn, which was located here. However by the eighties and the nineties, it was replaced by the new seafood establishments. There was another one which was called as the beginning of the world and was located in the middle of the sea that has to be accessed by the plank way. It has moved near the cross roads to the Batu Maung village.

So, if you are in mood to enjoy your Penang fishing tour, then you must go to the small fishing village along with the several sea food restaurants that can serve you some of the most amazing cuisines for lightening up your spice buds. Consider making a plan with the help of our touring services. we are sure to make your fishing tour a really delightful experience for you and your family!

Fun 89
Historical 20
Natural 91
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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