Esplanade or an open, leveled area situated right next to a water body; is a term used in modern language to describe a recreational area. Penang is one of the luckiest islands to have an esplanade as a tourist attraction. Now officially called Padang Kota Lama, the esplanade is located right beside Fort Cornwallis, in the northern tip of the capital of George Town. Esplanade has achieved its attractiveness through well-liked events. Fort Cornwallis is where the famed cannons are situated. The esplanade is a stretched promenade with hawker stalls on one side of the waterfront and clock towers on the other end.

Esplanade in Actionis hosted by the Penang State Tourism Development at the Esplanade of the Penang Island. This event is a custom sequence that is held on the first Saturday of each month. Showcasing the multicultural tradition of the state through activities and concerts, the tourism department is able to promote the different forms and aspects of the city heritage and its past.

The charm of the esplanade lies in the neighboring buildings like the town hall and city hall. The appealing aspect about city hall is its worth. The city hall was built back in 1903, at a cost of $100,000. With so much cultural heritage right in the neighborhood, the esplanade has gained popularity amongst the local residents as well as the tourists. The outsized esplanade preserves a lighthouse and is a place for celebrations for the most important festivals. Furthermore, fishing activities are supported day and night with an addition of a food court, which also offers eatables supportive for Muslims and vegetarians.

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The atmosphere at night is predominantly cooler as compared to the day, which makes the food court environment more enjoyable. Home cookery also tends to influence the ambiance through its strong aroma. Tourists usually prefer taking a walking tour of the entire area. In the middle of the venue is a pretty and pleasantly maintained park for the public. In the past, the spot was used by soldiers of the Sepoy regimes for practices related to firing. Later on, once the East India Company took over, the venue was converted into a play place where the British practiced sports like bowling, football, and cricket. This venue has also been known to have hosted flaming speeches of the former prime ministers and presidents of the country about thirty years back.

The esplanade had been a well developed place since the 1906. It was originally an amalgamation of a few buildings including the cricket club and the recreation club. These buildings were completely destroyed in the Second World War which is why the area shows the least reflection of the cultural heritage of Penang as compared to other places in the state. Nevertheless, Padang Kota Lama has still been successful at keeping hold of its allure and charisma through the colonial structures of the City and Town Halls. The country’s informal food capital appeals to most visitors as it tends to remain one of the fairly remarkable sites as the beautiful surrounding of Penang Island is seen to influence the atmosphere.


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