Penang Durian Farm,Penang Tour Malaysia

The durian is one of the world’s most interesting foods. While many people associate this particular fruit with its odor, it is a fruit that comes with an appealing spiked body and flesh that has a slightly nutty flavor to it. This is a fruit that is particularly grown in many places around Southeast Asia including Penang, the smallest state in all of Malaysia. The Penang Durian Farm is a popular part of any Penang tour that is amazing for all people to spot as it includes a good variety of durians that are grown throughout the year.

The Penang Durian Farm is officially known as the Bao Sheng Durian Farm. Located on the western side of Penang, this farm was founded in 1959 and has consistently been growing durians ever since. This land features a little less than seven acres of space for the growth and harvesting of durians, thus making it one of the world’s largest durian farms. It also has enough space for dining and even for lodging plans.

The farm is home to a large variety of durians. These include the Red Prawn, the variety that the locals consider to be the gem of all durians. This is a thick fruit with soft flesh and has a sweet flavor with a bit of bitterness but not too much. There’s also the Hor Lor durian, a variety that is known for having a chocolate-like flavor to it. The smaller D604 is also noteworthy for having a flavor that tends to be better when the durian itself is smaller.

If you come out to this durian farm then you’ll be able to enjoy this unique fruit at the farm’s restaurant. The restaurant has a few packages that include a durian alongside other foods from the area. The meals at this place are very unique and special but it is best for you to reserve your visit to this place as soon as possible as it tends to be relatively well-booked.

Penang Durian Farm,Penang Tour Malaysia

The durians that you can buy here vary in terms of their values. Some of the smallest D604 durians will cost around RM10 while some of the largest Red Prawn durians are available for around RM120.

The types of durians that you can enjoy during your Penang tour will vary based on the time of the year. That’s because the Penang Durian Farm has different seasons for getting particular types of fruits ready for use so they can be sent out to the market or even served in this particular space.

There is also a nearby series of villas for you to stay at while out here. The D’Villa Packages that are available at the Penang Durian Farm include the D’Villa package for RM180 per room. This will provide you with a queen-size bed, a private swimming pool, an air conditioner and an LCD TV set.

The Deluxe Villa package is also available for one night with a rate of RM280 per room. This offers the same features with a slightly larger space.

Fun 71
Historical 29
Natural 90
Per person Rm129 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm599
Tour guide hire Rm240
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