Are you looking to spend your weekend at a place where you can escape from the regular routine of life, and want to enjoy the serene and peaceful environment? If yes, then you must consider a trip to the Cheong Fatt Tze also known as the blue Mansion located in the Georgetown of the Penang Islands. The name Cheong Fatt Tze comes from its founder. The building has been around for a long time, as its construction was started in the late 19th century. Mr Cheong had this mansion constructed believing that it would be able to serve his 9 future generations. At that time, it served as an office and as the residence of the Cheong and his family.

Today, this mansion has become an award winning heritage, owing to its classic artistic touch which exhibits the Chinese culture. This mansion also won the UNESCO’s award of being the most excellent project in the Asia Pacific in the year 2000. Lonely Planet also featured it in its list of the greatest mansions in the world recently in the year 2011.

blue mansion front entrance

Mansion’s Interior

You are going to experience and explore the blend of Asian and Western traditions decorating its interior. The mansion greatly signifies and showcases the successful lifetime of Cheong Fatt Tze’s. for this very reason, you can also say that if he was alive today, he would have been even more proud by knowing the fact that the mansion he built is now considered as a must visit tourist spot in the Penang Islands, Malaysia. It also offer a lot of amenities for the tourists visit it and there are also advance bookings available for staging any event including weddings in this mansion.

blue mansion hall

Stage Different Events

The local people are find of staging different events such as the official seminars, personal or professional dinners along with the weddings in the Blue Mansion. You can always consult with the people incharge to have any of those events arranged at the Mansion within your budgeting needs. Generally the rental space starts from RM 2000 to RM 12,000 exclusive of the food, music and certain other arrangements. The mansion can also serve as an excellent staying option for your guests and can easily accommodate about 38 people at a single time.

blue mansion trisaw front

As a travel, you can also stay for a night or more at the Mansion. You are going to love your stay in the mansion as it has got cozy romantic rooms to offer to its guests. The location is also very ideal, as it is considered as the nicest location in the Chulia street Georgetown. You can also enjoy  the other highlights that are located at a walking distance of the mansion such as the Reg Garden Food court.

Blue Mansion Trisaw

So consider a trip to this beautiful mansion for enjoying its interior and architecture along with your friends or family and stay in its romantic rooms for a night to enjoy all its amenities. For further details, you can always consult with our Penang touring services.

Fun 77
Historical 82
Natural 80
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm468
Tour guide hire Rm240

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