Are you passionate about photography? Do you like to explore the surrounds and grab them in the form of pictures? Well, in case you do, you would love the newly opened camera museum in Penang, that is located in the Muntri street. The location is just perfect for showcasing the evolution and the history of the cameras, as it happens to be the heart of the town and has got a nostalgic atmosphere, which is loved by not just the locals but also by the foreigners at the same time.

The camera museum Penang is spread over different floors, and you can always roam around the entire floor to go through the different photography gallery options along with the cameras that are displayed there. you are required to purchase the ticket when it comes to visiting the camera museum that is located on the first museum image

There are different pictures that are photographed by some of the most professional photographers. For example there is a picture hanging in the ground floor that shows the claustrophobic dark spaces, thus providing a nice shot. There are murals captured in the form of photos, which you can also explore in their true colors by roaming around the entire ground floor.

There is a main hall located on the first floor that exhibits the camera collection which has evolved over the period of two centuries from the 1800-1990. There is also a tour guide who can provide you with an interactive and informative tour around the entire museum, thus filling your head with the significant camera and photography knowledge.

There is a plethora of cameras that you can play with on your tour to the camera museum in Penang. There are camcorders that even look like the hair dryer. Then there are cameras that are manufactured by camera filming company known as Agfa and it is known as museum old camera

The cameras of the year 1960 to 1990 were square looking in their shape, however they were not as sleek as the cameras that we are using today. Back at that time, there were flashlights which looked like the satellite dishes, and were not environment friendly at all, as the bulbs that were used were disposable and could be used just once.

Then there are also cameras which have evolved from being just toys, for the kids. There are Barbie and Action Man Cameras. Along with these models, there were also disc cameras that looked compact, and used a film that came in the form of a disc. However, these cameras were not used in the market for a long time, as the disc films were quite small and didn’t produce clear results.

Then there are also polaroids, the earlier models of which were called as the Land Cameras as those were invented by the Edwin Land during the years 1950-1960. Some of these cameras used the trendy bags. You would experience an increase in the size of the cameras in the period 1910-1950.

At the end of the main hall, you can explore the 3D viewers vintage. You can experience a great 3D image view through these cameras through a technique called as the stereoscopy. You can always have your journey arranged with our touring services.

Fun 71
Historical 80
Natural 50
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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