penang butterfly farm entrance welcome to butterfly farmA nature preserve, safeguard, and exploration center for butterflies; a concept that is fairly new to the tropical areas of the Earth has become a very popular tourist attraction for the Penang Island in Malaysia. This farm lets tourists see over 4000 endangered species of butterflies, displaying the unique and fragile nature of butterflies in beautiful colors, and endangered species of insects.

Penang butterfly farm is located at the bottom level of Teluk Pahang hills, more towards the northern side of the Batu Feringgi coast line. Since the inception farm in March 1986, this farm has been able to attract tourists because it served to be a living museum that came into being for the purpose to educating the public regarding insect and butterfly breeding. Visitors to the farm often experienced a natural setting where they were able to interact with butterflies of different colors and breed.


The butterfly farm came into being by Dr David Goh. He took an inspiration from the butterfly farm located in Stratford-on-Avon, England which was initiated by Mr. Farrell.  The farm in Penang, Malaysia is home to 4000 rare species of butterflies in addition to another 120 species over the land cover area that measures 0.8 hectares. The farm is also the host to rare species of an Indian leaf called kallima paralekta”. Other than being a tourist attraction site, this butterfly farm conducts research based projects, serving as a center for leisure and education, where children from different schools visit the farm for the purpose of attending the educational platforms that teach conservation and awareness by ways of nature thankfulness.

butterfly farm inside pic

Feedback from tourists considers the fact that the farm is small. However, tourists to the place have shown positivity towards the idea of having nature and its colors in one place. The diversity of colors and species of butterflies has amazed tourists, compelling them to visit the farm more than once. Visitors to the farm visit the most during festive or school holidays. Since the farm is as close to nature as it could be, sometimes, the farm gets uncomfortable for visitors merely because of the humid weather conditions but the interesting combination of colors along with rare species of insects makes it an attraction that is highly recommended. The management is extremely open to recommendations and cooperative in terms of providing their visitors with the best comfort level. Having the greenhouse separate from the education center, the map of the entire place is provided to adults, and pictorial guide for children.

The most suitable time to visit Penang butterfly farm is when the butterflies are most active; during the morning time or early afternoon. In the past ten years, the butterfly farm has been expanded slowly so the  idea of the guide fits in best for people who visited years back. The guide would also keep new ones completely involved in the butterfly farm during the visit. So Google is least required to clear confusion. The entire farm will be covered within a span of 45 minutes walk around it, but it is worth a visit because of the bonding it creates with nature.


Fun 69
Historical 38
Natural 87

Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm200
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