The Penang botanical gardens are located near the Waterfall road, (Jalan Air Terjun ), and are therefore also known as the waterfall gardens, because of a waterfall that is located near it. It is also situated at a distance of 8km away from the Georgetown city centre. There is also a Penang hill, that is located by the gardens’ left hand side.

botanical garden walk way

 History of the Penang Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens came into existence in the year 1884. It is also known as the waterfall garden due to the presence of the several waterfalls, that are flowing through the garden. But these days, you can’t visit the waterfall, as now everything is located on the water supply territory. There are also locals along with the foreigners who are seen to be exercising and jogging in the gardens. The people are also seen to enjoy the gardens’ beauty, fresh and clean air at the same time.

There are different trees planted there with their own name plates, which means that you can always gain some knowledge, relating to the unique tree names in Malaysia. Another attraction in the gardens happen to be the monkeys. There are about 200 monkeys, however you have to stay careful as the monkeys are quite aggressive. You must also not eat in front of the monkeys, as they can take away the food from your hands. For exploring the monkey gardens , you can always consult with the guided tour services located there as they would provide you with all the possible relevant details.

botanical garden waterfall

Another attraction that is located nearby the Penang botanical gardens is known as the Kek Lok Si (Buddhist) Temple. This is the most beautiful as well as the biggest temple in the South East Asia. Even though it was built decades ago, its constructions has never ended. There is also a bronze statue of the Mercy Goddess, Kuan Yin, which is quite huge in size and happens to attract a lot of travelers and tourists, from all over the world.

The temple is quite breathtaking especially during the night time when the lights start glittering and glistening along with several lanterns, that are hanging from far away. There is a toy museum known as the Penang Toy Museum having about 100,000 different number of toys and collectibles such as Barbie dolls, batman, star wars along with many others. You can visit the museum during any time between 9am to 9pm as it is open daily all through out the week.

There are a lot of hotels that are located in Penang, and you can enjoy your stay there starting from the luxurious 5 stars hotels to the budget motels. There are many hotels that are located in different areas such as the Gurney (Persian Gurney) and the Batu Feringghi. Both these places are also packed with the crowd all the time, as people come there for enjoying the nightlife, hawker foods and the malls. The Batu Ferringghi provides a great environment in the form of beaches and the sea breeze.

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