batu ferringhi beach spot and have funThe beautiful coastline on the Penang Island, the Batu Ferringi, is the most visited and a popular tourist attraction after George Town.  Taking the entire Northern coastline of Penang in Malaysia, the sandy beaches host a hub for water sports like windsurfing, banana boating, jet skiing, and parasailing, in addition to holding dine in options, along with a range of accommodation options.The market placed in the dark hours of the day is quite famous, while the coast which stretches along the highway seems to welcome its visitors warmly.

Batu Ferringhi beach is an ideal location for tourists, primarily due to cheap accommodations. Five star hotels are also available at affordable prices. There are numerous restaurants, souvenir provisions and transport services available within this tourist hotspot, which enable the beach line to be highly attractive for the ones who are new to the place. What remains heavy as an expense on the tourists is the monetary cost attached to luxury shopping. However, at Batu Ferringhi beach, tourists have the option of purchasing pirated DVD’s and buy replicas of brands like Gucci.

Batu-Ferringhi beach Hard Rock Cafe

It takes several hours by bus or a 45 minute flight from Kaula Lampur to get to the Penang Airport. Since Penang holds an efficient bus transit system, it is easy for locals and tourists to travel via bus to the Batu Ferringhi beach at cheap fares. Bus drivers are cooperative, but the option of using a taxi is also available. However, taxis do not follow the meter while charging, so negotiate the fare before you start the journey to the beach.

The beach has been worked upon by the government of Malaysia which is why the beach has been able to help tourists, as various features were incorporated keeping in mind the feasibility to support and promote tourism. The series of hotels present along the coast offer a range of options to the tourists to choose from. Strong competition amongst hotels means that in the end, the consumer benefits from low prices ands competitive service.

batu ferringhi night market shopping

In addition, what compels tourists to visit the beach is the idea that the more one moves towards the west side of the coasts, the lesser the crowd you encounter. Even though the water quality of the beaches near the night market has declined due to water sports, it still remains to be one of the finest beaches in Penang.

The committee responsible for the Batu Ferringi beach has made sure to keep it clean during the weekend, since the footfall to the beach is the highest at this time of the week. The unique selling point (USP) of the beach is the exciting sidewalk market place. The market place is in place at 6 in the evening all the way to midnight. This bazaar takes up more than half of the 3 kilometer road that runs along the beach. Facing the Adaman sea, the Batu Ferringi beach lightens up after 6 pm, attracting audience and tourists towards the beach. Beaches are universally loved by tourists which explains why Malaysia has been able to live on its beach coastline. Batu Ferringi beach has been able to support Malaysia’s brand image of being truly Asia.

Fun 60
Historical 40
Natural 80

Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm499
Tour guide hire Rm240

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