There are a number of places where you can enjoy your time in Penang, and one of the most fascinating places which is going to provide you with a refreshing experience happens to be the Penang 3D interactive Museum. It’s a place that exhibits trick art and the 3d Murals which are done by the local artists. On your tour to the museum, you are going to experience the Penang’s fun side, culture and the history thus giving you an easy knowledge along  with the understanding of the Penang islands.

You can explore the Penang in a nutshell by exploring the five different sections of the museums, such as follow:

The Miniature Local Trades

Trick Art Gallery

Weld Quay Miniature

Penang Great Wall

The Interactive Theater

3d connon

On entering the museum, you are going to be welcomed and taken to a time tunnel that is also known as the Great Wall of Penang, as it takes you back to what the Weld Quay was some hundred and twenty years ago. At the end you are going to enjoy a cup of coffee with the CM Lim Guan Ying.

All the Miniature Weld Quay and the Miniature trades are made by the artist known as the Khoo Chooi Hooi, and he has done a marvelous job by putting himself into his art work. The picture that you would see of a boy getting a haircut is actually represents himself. He has depicted that time when there used to be no barber shops. You can explore the life of Mr Khoo Chooi in his different art pieces and can also have a chat with the staff members for getting more information about the art work of his. The staff members are surely going to tell everything about your experience for completing your experience.

3d museum durian

You can look closely at the sculptures for knowing about the amazing details that are hidden in them. There are fruits that are also displayed there in the form of art such as the durians that are dubbed as the King of fruits along with the mangosteens that are dubbed as the queen of fruits.

The sculptures depict their period of ripening, when they fall on the ground after getting ripened. The durians after falling down get dented or blunt spikes, which is also present in the sculpture details. The Magosteens are also covered with scrupulous details as they are made with the green petals, thus translating to the fruit fleshes present within the mangosteen.

You can explore and experience the history of Penang, by visiting the Miniature Weld Quay section. It is located adjacent to the Miniature trades and it would take you back some 100 years when spice trading scenes along with the shipment of the potteries and the trishaws were commonly seen there.

3d museum dinor

The museum’s building belonged to Behn Meyers who established himself in 1891. After evacuating the building, there were still a lot of documents that were left and all the miniatures Weld Quay were made in relevance to those documents.

This is why as a visitor you must spend some significant time at the miniature sections so that you can explore the additional details such as the muscles, veins on the sculpture figurines. We being the Penang Tour service can provide you an amazing travelling package to this beautiful 3D Museum.

Fun 94
Historical 28
Natural 16
Per person Rm119 and minimum 2 pax
Group of 10 person Rm468
Tour guide hire Rm240

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