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Penang is a terrific combination of the east side and the west side. It intertwines modernity and antiquity in the best possible manner. It not only has an exotic touch to it, but also a vintage atmosphere in there. The culture is mixed out here and yet, lives in harmony. There is no dearth of heritage buildings out here. One of the buildings called George Town has been accorded the status of a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

This has been done extremely recently. A large number of people get tour taken in by the beauty of Penang and its lovely traditions. Penang is popular for the variety of food found out here. It comes up with the best ever food made in Malaysia. The beaches and the food make Penang a lovely place to travel in. The food is something to die for out here and you could keep on feasting your eyes with the beaches in there. What more could one ask for from life? Lovely beaches and lovely cushions! It can simply take your breath away. The lovely wonderland could make you lose yourself in a medley of your own. It is so beautiful and so appalling. It takes everyone by storm. When you tour to Penang, you don’t really bear to irritate about what to eat here and what not to. Every item of food out here is going to melt in your mouth. You’ll easily fall in love with the food out here. It is well-known all across Malaysia. Eating is definitely something you won’t have to worry about. It is after all Malaysia’s food capitals that you are eating at. You’ll feel on top of the world at this place and why shouldn’t you? It has got exotic beaches and an equally exotic cuisine to match up with. It will be an amazing tour experience out here. You are bound to have a whole lot of fun.

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There is more than enough variety of food out here. From street food to high end restaurants, everything is found in Penang. Just like the culture of this place is a mixed one, the flavors out here are also mixed. Cuisines of all kinds are finding out here. Thus, Penang is a heaven for food lovers. If you wish to have a very distinct experience with regards to food, then Penang is your destination. The flavors of Penang belong entirely to this place and are loved by the locals as well as the tourists equally. The island state has a lot to offer to its tourists.

I can take a whole bunch of things out here. It will teach you newer ways of looking at your life. You’ll be more and more amazed at this wonderful island city as time goes by. You will have an altogether new experience out here. It is lovely and wonderful a place to visit. It is a complete delight. More than anything else, it is a learning experience. You ought to give Penang a try and you are bound to have a hell of a time out here.

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Penang Island Tour
Penang is a beautiful and lovely place. One could simply go on exploring this place and the exploration would never end. It isn’t for nothing that the occident calls it the pearl of the orient. Lovely beaches, amazing landscapes, vintage buildings and a lot more is are offer at this place. There are numerous places which are a must visit. One such place is the batik factory. You could also visit the snake temple and the Malay village out there. A village is known as a kampung out here. You will have one hell of an experience exploring this lovely island. Don’t forget to visit the snake temple as well. Read More
maintain tour
Butterworth can be reached by railways, roads, and ferry service. The Butterworth train terminus is one the busiest and most important train terminus in West Malaysia and most people visit Butterworth availing the train service from Hatyai and Kuala Lampur. One of the notable places of Butterworth is the Butterworth Bird Park, and was the first ever and longest bird park to be established in Malaysia. Read More
food tour
Penang is renowned for its culinary affair and rightfully named ‘Food Paradise’. The tropical climate and favorable demographic conditions and excellent culinary skills have placed Penang among the leading food capitals of the world. They say that, “in Penang, people live to eat”, thus blessed with fertile lands and the adjoining sea, it is the ideal place for travelers to dip their taste bud in an array of cuisine.  From seafood to the posh Malaysian menu, Penang is a great place to eat. Read More
penang to hatyai tour
A large, stainless steel Pagoda is present for tourists to see, at WatMahanyaVidaya. Scuba diving is another activity that can interest you and it is organized by local bodies for tourists to enjoy. Shooting ranges are present in Hatyai too. The Merit Making Ceremony is a Buddhist ritual followed by the locals and can be seen if you visit Hat Yai in August. The date may vary but Buddha’s followers strictly follow the ritual, chanting through the process. Hat Yai’s markets sell some unique items that signify the importance of the city while portraying it in subtle ways you can only experience first hand. Read More

private tour

include an earger, friendly and experienced tour guide who knows every region and is willing to guide you through Penang like a true “Penangites”.  Private Tours in Penang require you to book and contact a private guide that tours you through local attraction, market and attractive places throughout the day. Read More
property tour
Penang is a mixture of Sky scrappers and scenic beaches, overlooking colonial architectures that are part of the island as it was one of the British colonies.  Now Penang is not just about local attraction and fine cuisine, as a growing city, it attracts numerous potential real estate buyers every year. Large scale condo apartments and residential have come up in the recent years with incredible features and attractive accommodations. Read More
medical tour
A proper medical healthcare setup is necessary for a functioning, healthy demographic and even more so in a tourist destination and Penang’s Medical Healthcare has never failed to deliver on that front. Hospitals and clinics are well stocked and ensure fair and ethical practices while strictly abiding by the laws as well. Cleanliness and hygiene possess of utmost importance at the hospitals and these institutions possess adequately trained personnel. The hospitals consist of patent departments such as Oncology, ENT, Accident and Emergency, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Maternity wards etc. Provisions for taking care of senior citizens are also present. Read More
cruise ship night tour
From the very moment you step onto a cruiser of your choice, you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities you can treat yourself with. After getting comfortable in your suite, you can go out and begin your adventure. Massage parlors, spas, cafeterias, swimming pools are just the beginning. Luxurious four and five star restaurants on board with exceptionally talented chefs ready to offer a vast variety of food, you can soothe those taste buds with buffets, dinners and snacks. Read More

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Fun things to do in Penang

The most important aspect of travelling is visiting the many famous places that different cities and countries have to offer. If you don’t come out to these places then you will miss out on the many things that are worth exploring. While taking a Penang tour , make sure you visit the places for which Malaysia’s smallest state is famous for. The state has many unique attractions that offer a blend of interesting and diverse historical, natural and cultural features. To help you discover the different shades of the state, we have listed below some of the island’s must see spots so you’ll have a good idea of what makes the area so special

Penang War Museum
The Penang War Museum is a fortress that was established by the British in 1930.In the year 1941, the Japanese army fought British forces in the Battle of Penang at this site. Today, the site has been converted into a museum and is open to the public. It is also Southeast Asia’s largest war museumRead More
Featuring a charming heritage with plenty of lovely people to go along with it, Penang Road is the carbon copy of Hollywood’s Rodeo Drive and is one of the most important streets in the state. The large walkways and handsome greenery on both sides of the road gives a fresh look to the street to make it very tourist-friendly.
Penang Road
Tropical Spice Garden
Spend your afternoons in Southeast Asia’s only tropical garden, the Tropical Spice Garden. Spread over 8 acres of jungle land, it has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Explore the park with your family and witness the many features that the garden has to offer. You can dine while at the Tropical Spice Garden and also shop the market for various artifacts, spices and apparel designed in the area. Read More

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Penang- A Must-Visit Place for Ardent Globetrotters

Penang, Malaysia’s ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ holds a natural pulchritude and cultural opulence like no other place. Each year, Penang is explored by people ranging from natives to international visitors. Here you can experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and a unique cultural heritage. Do you want to take a break from the tough and chaotic life of city? If so then come to Penang and experience the unsullied beauty of nature, its mild breezes and the unique heart stirring adventures out here.

Places that You Must Explore in Penang…

Penang Hill
Located 6 kilometers from Georgetown is Malaysia’s first regal hill station, Penang Hill. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top of the hill while you are out here. Towards the evening, the sky becomes vibrant with red and blue colors as the Eastern sun dissolves in the crimson horizon, dissipating the sun’s last rays through the array of clouds. Read More
tropical fruit farm
The 25 acre Penang Tropical Fruit Farm has more than 200 types of subtropical and tropical fruit trees. Daily guided tours are conducted to help get tourists are a little more acquainted with the farm and the lifestyles of the people who reside there. On public holidays, the farm becomes vibrant with a festive atmosphere. Light snacks and beverages are also available for the visitors. Read More
kek lok si temple firework
The Kek Lok Si Temple is a beautifully designed temple and is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Malaysia. Carved with monasteries, temples, beautiful gardens and prayer halls, the temple was built in the year 1890 by a devout Chinese Buddhist. Devotees from all over the world visit the temple to seek its blessings. The temple is largely funded by offerings from the Penang Straits Chinese community. Read More

Penang – Infused Beautifully with Myriad Attractions!

Penang, Malaysia’s most visited and well-known destination has an enthralling fusion of Chinese and Indian influences. Also tagged as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ Penang is a startling island that showcases the ideal combination of majestic heritage edifices that rub shoulders with beautiful buildings. Verdant jungles, shimmering lakes, hallowed places and beaming beaches at Penang can a warm welcome to all who come by. This wondrous place is the ideal destination for adventure lovers, shopaholics and nature lovers and has the potential to impress even the most pernickety traveler. There are many beautiful spots worth seeing in Penang.

Penang Bird Park
Penang is a paradise for nature lovers as seen at the Penang Bird Park. A natural habitat of several rare and exotic species of birds, the Penang Bird Park is home to many swans, egrets, storks, flamingos, pelicans, mandarin ducks, herons and other amazing kinds of birds. Tinted in several eye-catching colors of the rainbow, these exotic birds are an excellent example of the wonders of nature. Read More
Penang National Park
Carrying the tag of world’s smallest national park, Penang National Park is positioned peacefully at the north-west corner of Penang Island. Sprawled over an area of 1381 hectares of wetlands and 1181 hectares of forests, the ecosystem of this park exhibits coastal forests, deep streams, rocky beaches and sandy hills and the amalgamation of all these speaks loudly about the natural prosperity of Penang. Read More
street of georgetown

Come to George Town and experience the unique fascination of diverse architecture and amazing sights that will leave you awestruck. The streets of George Town have earned a special niche in UNESCO’s Heritage Site catalog. By exploring these streets, you can feel that each edifice and clan house symbolizes Penang’s vibrant history and sumptuous culture. Each street corner narrates a saga of those olden days. Read More
Botanical garden

Head off to the Botanical Gardens if you want to get away from the city. This riveting place is an ideal spot for spending time in the lap of nature. Read More
batu ferringhi beach

Batu Ferringhi is lined with a series of international resorts and is positioned along the coastal road north-west of George Town. It is one of the prominent shorelines in Penang. You can unwind your tired senses on the beach, soak in the sun, and get an instant rush of adrenaline while boating. If you have the deep desire to enjoy the clear view of this spellbinding shoreline then don’t forget to try parasailing. As the sun descends, the environment on this beach will change into a carnival-like atmosphere with a lively open market that sells enticing souvenir items and dazzling ornaments. Read More
Dharmikarama burnese temple

Built in 1803, the Dharamikarama Burmese Temple is famous for its golden rooftops. This holy shrine is Penang’s first Burmese temple and is explored by many devotees every year. This startling divine place features sparkling rooftops, Sime Hall, Shrine Hall and the Pagodas. You will see many idols of Buddha in each corner of this sanctified place. His tranquil-faced picture can be seen at each corner in various intriguing meditation poses. The pavements have a string of panels with exotic frescos giving a clear picture of Prince Siddhartha attaining Nirvana and becoming the great Lord Buddha. Read More
penang snake temple

The Penang Snake Temple was constructed to pay regards to Chor Soo Kong, a well-known Buddhist monk and healer. As per the mythological tale, it is said that the great priest provided shelter to snakes and it is believed that the snakes that live here are the disciples of the priest. The temple is a natural habitat of poisonous snakes including green tree snakes and Wagler’s pit vipers. Read More
Now is the time to plunge into the magnificence of Penang by exploring the charms of some of its enthralling hot spots.

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The combination of antiquity and modernity at its best, Penang, Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the most favorite destinations of many tourists, both local and international. Being the home of some of the finest dishes that you simply cannot find anywhere else and the only place where majestic heritage is just rubbing shoulders with modern buildings and skyscrapers, Penang definitely deserves to be included in the top of your list of your next places to travel. Whether it is the first time that you will be travelling to Penang or you have been here for several occasions before, we at Penang Tour Channel will guarantee you that you will have the best Penang experience that you will surely treasure for the rest of your life!

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